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About The Heart's Mission:

Leah Hille has been working in these fields of healing and learning since 1998 when she first attended a Therapeutic Touch™ class, when she was inspired by the phrase "Energy follows thought", subsequently dedicating her life and vocation to this profound concept and idea. Read this article she wrote on the subject of Energy Healing. 

Leah has studied Aromatherapy, Integrative Energy Healing and Healing Touch since 2001. She has certification in Craniosacral Therapy, Traditional Usui Reiki and Integrative Energy Healing (from 2002-2008). In 2009, Leah discovered The Way of the Heart™ Field Integrations and has been practicing this modality with a passion, offering it in every session as a remedy, due to it's great effectiveness in moving emotions and clarifying the energy field. In 2013, she rounded out her training and education by taking an intensive Professional Counselling Diploma program, earning her the title of Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC #2061), and has since been awarded the title of Master Therapeutic Counsellor (MTC #2061) with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists in 2018.

During her 3 year practicum with the Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner Program at Langara College, she researched the topic of spontaneous remission in the chronically and terminally ill, and continues to be fascinated by the potential of the body to self-heal.

She has read many works by trailblazers of self-healing: Richard Bartlett (founder of Matrix Energetics), and Dr. Joe Dispenza, and she also attended a seminar led by Dr. Dispenza in 2018. Leah is fascinated with the body's continued evidence of adaptability in the face of stress and unexpected life experiences, and has modeled her practice on such principles.

In her studies to become a Therapeutic Counsellor, Leah specialized in Art Therapy, and currently offers dry medium Art Therapy (dry materials, drawing, colouring and play-doh experiments) at The Heart's Mission Creative Therapy. In her quest for holism, she has recently embarked in taking classes in visual art to support her training. She hopes to expand her practice to offer wet medium Art Therapy (wet materials such as painting and sculpture) in the near future.

Areas of Practice include:

  • chronic illness, chronic pain and fatigue
  • emotional grief work
  • sexual assault
  • impact of traumatic events (recent and past)
  • anxiety, panic
  • communication, relationships
  • financial hardships
  • self-esteem, self-worth issues
  • spirituality (non-denominational, non-religious)
  • connecting to the inner child; the inner parent; the inner adversary

As the Intention in sessions is to release somatic impressions in the body, Leah works as an Integrative Counsellor, bringing her clients to greater clarity of their ideals, and facilitating the transformational process. Often in counselling practices, the verbal sharing of trauma is seen as therapeutic, as the client reaches new conclusions and finds self-regulation within a difficulty. 

In this holistic practice, there is a key element of using somatics practices to release the impressions held in the body, without the requirement to verbally process. The body has an incredible resilience system and can repair without over analysis of the mind and thinking something through. The heart contains a heart-brain, composed of 40,000 neurons which can feel, remember, and learn new behaviours.

Working energetically with the body and all of the places that energy gets held, is an incedible way to feel different, to digest and move on from trauma, offering resiliency and purpose. 

Leah lectured regularly from 2013-2016 on th​e subject of psychosomatic symptoms at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Va​ncouver. The lecture covered concepts relating to what the holistic mind/body/spirit model of healing can do to facilitate a broader experience of understanding the whole person.

Leah studies with one of her teachers, Daniel Goodenough (author of The Caravan of Remembering) in the field of Life Mission Coaching, the nature of which is: What if you came into being at this time for a very specific reason - how would you know what that reason is, and more importantly, how will you live it and be supported in doing so?

Waking up to one's own inner freedom is the most valuable concept that Leah believes is connected to her Life Mission, and she seeks to serve daily in her practice with clients.

Full List of Credentials:

  • Master Therapeutic Counsellor #2061
  • The Way of the Heart™ Field Integration Process Practitioner
  • Integrative Energy Healing Training
  • Reiki Master-Teacher
  • Training in Craniosacral Therapy with Howard Jones
  • Certified in Aromatherapy by Lynda Crowder
  • Well established in herbal knowledge and Aromatherapy

If you have any questions about The Way of the Heart™ Fieldwork, or would like to try a short demonstration, please contact Leah directly. This process connects the intention of y​our heart to your greater energy fields and out into your life, and can have transformative effects on one's life, career, abundance, health, family, inner guidance and self-trust.

The Heart's Mission Creative Therapy, Leah's private practice is located at the corner of Oak St and Broadway Ave, in beautiful Vancouver, BC. Leah gratefully and respectfully acknowledges that The Heart’s Mission Creative Therapy is held on the unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples, including the territories of the xwməθkwəyə̓ m (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish), and səli̓lwətaɁɬ (Tseil-Waututh) Nations.

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.

- Rumi

"I have always been drawn to learning about what is possible for healing, and I want you to experience authentic wholeness, resilience and meaning.

I stand for you to find the tools within yourself to make transformational changes towards your most fulfilling, most precious, creative, abundant and vibrant life."

- Leah Hille

Master Therapeutic Counsellor

Leah is of mixed settler and Métis heritage. She feels ardently about the environmental and social concerns of the decade. She connects with the wisdom of the elders, holding out great hope for the future. She believes that as each person heals and repairs the fractured parts of ourselves,  wholeness will be restored to the consciousness of humanity and therefor our relationship with the planet. 

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