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Distance Healing Protocols

In the advent of recent world events, it has become evident that we need to be flexible in changing our ways when necessary. The Heart's Mission Creative Therapy honours that clients may opt for sessions via video conference or by telephone to ensure their maximum health and safety, while receiving the benefits of healing sessions.

Your practitioner has received extra training in April 2020 in forms of Reiki and Craniosacral Distance Healing protocols, and has experienced incredible results with clients in these unique fields. The human biofield is quantum in nature (in layman's term your field is vast and wide) and the effects of Energy Healing over distance can often be tangibly felt by the receiver during the session. E-Counselling is also available for clients to share in the comfort of their own space.


  • If you are opting for video/teleconference session, please find a quiet and private space for the duration of the session. It is helpful to have a quiet area to lay down during the Energy Healing portion of the session, and to mute all phones and alarms.
  • For a video session, for your online privacy and safety you will be emailed a link to a Zoom  in-progress session at the email that you specified on your online booking form, at the start of our session. If you would prefer a different video-conferencing option, there is also Google Meet and What'sApp as alternatives. Please specify when you book if you would like an option other than Zoom.
  • For a telephone session, we will call you at the start time of the session on the phone number you indicated on your online booking form.
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