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Threads of

Collaborative Space to share reflections and inspirations from the teachings of 

The Way of the Heart™


Inspired by The Way of the Heart:

What If  - Gretchen Smith 2020

How I found recovery from an eating disorder with The Way of the Heart - Whitney McCann 2020

How I use the work with The Way of the Heart in a day - Whitney McCann 2020

Kyrie - Life Mission project by Sri 2020


Conversations with the Co-Founders:

Interview with co-founder Daniel Goodenough on The Way of the Heart™

A 5 Minute Conversation with Daniel Goodenough from  "Join the Conversation for a Compelling Future", Pugwash, NS 2014

Part 1: Exposing the Myth of Scarcity

Part 2: Why is this important? Why now?

About the Threads of Light Collective...

We wanted to share with the world our love and gratitude for The Way of the Heart as an inspiration to others. The words, voices and sounds on Threads of Light are carefully curated expressions of what has bloomed in our hearts as a result of the transformative, alchemical and love-filled offerings of this Way. We invite you to come back often to see new offerings, share your reflections and if you feel called, to explore The Way of the Heart

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